Arayik Stepanyan. Russophobia is not in Armenia, but in Moscow. The goal of Russophobes in Moscow is to stir up Russophobia throughout the former Soviet Union

in Russian – Arayik Stepanyan spoke on Russian policy in Transcaucasia in TV show “Point of  view” on September 27, 2022. Host of the show – Dmitry Agranovsky. Below is a video with translation in Russian as well as a text by “Crossroad”.

Alexandr Sherin: Turkey has never been, is not and will not be a friendly state to us, as well as those who are in military alliance with Turkey

in Russian – On April 14, 2022, former Russian State Duma deputy (from 2014 to 2021) Alexander Sherin spoke about the attitude towards Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Arayik Stepanyan: In Ukraine they use against Russia the experience of the terrorist international, previously tested in a number of countries

in Russian – April 11, 2022 in the TV program of Dmitry Kulikov “Who is against?” First Vice-President of Russian Academy of geopolitical problems Arayik Stepanyan, from 35:30 on the air, spoke about the tracing of the experience of the terrorist international applied earlier in different countries, now being implemented in Ukraine against Russia. Translation in English by “Crossroad”.

D. Evstafiev about the only choice for Armenia

It is no secret that there is a big gap between the perception of the same events in the public opinion in Armenia, Russia and the Armenian Diaspora. Below is the opinion of one of the leading political scientists in Russia, which may cause an ambiguous reaction. On the other hand, it is possible that such harsh (according to the author, unpleasant) forecasts may be will help and accelerate Armenians to consolidate and develop a wise strategy and agenda in a rapidly changing world. The public organization “Khachmeruk” (Crossroads) regularly holds online discussions on important topics. Below is a publication […]

Book “Russian Civilization. Meaning and destiny”

In Russian – Author – Dr. Sohail Farah, Member of the Russian Academy of Education, an editor of Arabic version of the web site of The Group of strategic vision “Russia – Islamic world”. Second Edition (504 pages) – was published in 2019 by Egyptian-Russian Foundation for Culture & Sciences. First Edition was published in 2017.  Professor Farah is originally from Lebanon, in March 2018 there was a book presentation in the Center for Strategic Studies of the Lebanese Army in Beirut.