Position of the Coordinating Council of Russian-Armenian Organizations regarding meeting on June 4, 2022 in Yerevan about Pan-Armenian Forum

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/spyurq-4-6-2022/ On June 4, 2022, within the framework of the “Unity Platform” initiative, a meeting-consultation of representatives of dozens of organizations and experts was held in Yerevan – https://www.armspb.org/post/spyurq-4-6-2022

Meeting-consultation organized by the “Unity Platform” on June 4, 2022 in Yerevan with remote participation

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/spyurq-4-6-2022/ On May 28, 2022, the “Unity Platform” initiative group in Yerevan made a proposal to start consultations on the Pan-Armenian agenda. They sent letters to various organizations inviting them to attend the June 4th meeting. The letter was signed by Arshak Sadoyan and Telman Tadevosyan.

Message of the Council of 12 of Pan-Armenian Intellectuals to the world nations

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/ararat/ in Armenian – http://crossroadorg.info/hy/ararat_hy/ Today our world is standing on the verge of an unprecedented collapse of the existing civilizational system of consumerism, and its explicit and implicit centers of power have unleashed an outright war against humanity for the sake of the system’s resuscitation and preservation. Multiple warnings sounded by many reputable think-tanks, intellectuals and whistleblowers on the existential threats the human race is facing today have been largely ignored. It is of utmost importance and urgency to address them today, as now it concerns the very existence of the humanity.