An open Letter to the UN on restoring the violated rights of the Armenian people of Artsakh

in Russian – in French – On January 16, 2024, a group of public figures and experts made another open critical appeal to the UN leadership. It contains, in particular, a request and appeal to the UN leaders to convene an Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly to make a decision on restoring violated rights and ensuring guarantees for the safe return of the indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh to the territory of their permanent residence. The Azerbaijani authorities have once again failed to comply with the Decision of the International Court of Justice of November […]

Appeal to the UN on World Refugee Day, June 20

in Russian – For more than 30 years, the international community, UN, OSCE do not pay due attention to the Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan. After many crimes of genocide since 1918 from Azerbaijan, which caused waves of refugees, many decades passed. In March 2019, the UN applied to the Turkish authorities, demanding a response about Armenian refugees 100 years ago. This is too late and episodic attention. The issue is complex, associated with gross violations of international norms and fundamental rights of many indigenous peoples of the region and requires a radically different attitude. “Khachmeruk” (“Crossroad”) public organization of sociological […]