A. Manasyan. Where is the territorial nerve of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh

in Russian – https://crossroadorg.info/manasyan-13-10-2020/ Source (in Russian) – Information agency REGNUM, October 13, 2020. Alexandr Manasyan The topic of the Karabakh war is in the first line of the global political discourse now. The invisible dot on the political map named Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) suddenly turned out to be particular bifurcation point, where the main political meridians of the world are intersecting now. The war against Artsakh unleashed by Baku made this obvious. The war is in full swing not only on the battlefield, but also on information portals, where two versions of the conflict essence collide.

Letter from NGO “Crossroad” to European Parliament members

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/ep-9-10-2020/ Anticipating the possible continuation of the irrepressible aggressive rhetoric of the Azerbaijani authorities into the form of new war crimes even before the July military aggression of Baku in the  Tavush region, the “Crossroad” (Khachmeruk) public organization of sociological and political initiatives wrote a letter on June 16, 2020 to the President of the European Parliament, Mr. David Sassoli. The answer came on September 29 – 3,5 months later (!) – after the third wild and terrorist war unleashed by Azerbaijan against the Armenian people of Artsakh.

Announcement of the video conference in Zoom on June 6 “The image of the Azerbaijan-Artsakh conflict: why is it distorted?”

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/en/z_6-6-2020 On June 6, 2020, the next online video conference in Zoom will take place as a part of  the project of the “Crossroad” (Khachmeruk) public organization. Topic: “The image of the Azerbaijan-Artsakh conflict: why is it distorted?” Speaker: political scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. Alexander Manasyan (Yerevan). Beginning at 18:00 Moscow time (19:00 Yerevan time).

“Artsakh in the information war. How can we help?” Online discussion on May 30, 2020

in Russian – https://crossroadorg.info/zoom_31-5-2020/ On May 30, 2020, as a part of the project of public organization “Crossroad” (“Khachmeruk”) took place an online discussion in Zoom on the theme “Artsakh in the information war. How can we help?” Announcement of the meeting was in three languages: on the web site “Crossroad:  http://crossroadorg.info/en/zoom_30-5-2020_en/ in social networks Facebook – in the groups ArmPeterburg, in Ararat forum etc. VK.com  https://vk.com/wall-51442422_1517 OK.ru   https://ok.ru/armpeterburg/topic/151740215737194 and via the electronic mailing and whatsapp. Experts from eight cities participated: Moscow, Yerevan, Beirut, Simferopol, London, Stepanakert, Nizhnekamsk, St. Petersburg. The list is at the end of this article.

Announcement. Online meeting in Zoom “Artsakh in the information war. How can we help?”

in Armenian – http://crossroadorg.info/hy/zoom_30-5-2020_hy/ in Russian – https://crossroadorg.info/zoom_30-5-2020/ On Saturday, May 30, at 19:00 Yerevan time (18:00 in Moscow and Beirut, 16:00 in London), as part of the project of the “Crossroad” (“Khachmeruk”) public organization, the next online discussion will be held in Zoom. The topic is “Artsakh in the information war. How can we help?”