“Crossroad” International Discussion Club

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/club/ About “Crossroad” Club In Armenian the name is “Khatchmeruk” that means “Crossroad” in English. The “Crossroad” (“Khachmeruk”) International Discussion Club is a community of independent experts: scientists, political scientists, philosophers, cultural scientists, lawyers, public figures, publicists.

Announcement of the video conference in Zoom on July 3 – “Damage assessment of the consequences of the Armenian Genocide, the issues of reparations and restitutions”

in Russian — http://crossroadorg.info/zoom_3-7-2020/ On Friday, July 3, 2020, the (11th) online video conference in Zoom will be held as part of the “Crossroad” project. Links to previous discussions on various topics with videos are here. The preliminary plan for July is here.

Preliminary plan for the discussions in Zoom for July

in Russian – http://crossroadorg.info/zoom_july/ This is a preliminary plan for the discussions in Zoom for July, the page will be updated periodically. Along with announcements of discussions at Zoom organized by “Crossroad” there are also events planned by third parties. Previous events (with reports and videos) – here.